KeySmart™ iPro
KeySmart™ iPro
KeySmart™ iPro
KeySmart™ iPro

KeySmart™ iPro

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Smart Key Organizer That Works With The Apple Find My App

Keeping track of your keys just got easier! The new KeySmart iPro works with the Find My app on your iPhone so you can quickly find your misplaced keys around the house or see their last location on a map.

  • Works with the Apple Find My Network - KeySmart iPro can be added to the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. You can play a sound on the KeySmart iPro to find it nearby or locate your missing keys with the Apple Find My Network, made up of hundreds of Apple devices around the world.
  • Find Your Missing Items From The Apple Find My App - If your KeySmart iPro goes missing, you can see it’s last location on a map and put it in Lost Mode to show a message and contact information to anyone who might find it.
  • Get Notified When You Leave Your Keys Behind - The Apple Find My app proactively prevents you from losing your keys by sending notifications to your iPhone if you leave your keys behind.
  • Make Your Keys Quiet, Compact & Comfortable - Organize up to 14 of your existing keys plus your car fob with the KeySmart iPro. The Easy set up requires no tools and fits all types of keys. Create a reliable multi-tool by adding one of our mini tools or MagConnect.
  • Rechargeable Battery With Long Battery Life & Battery Level Indicator - Powered by a lithium polymer battery, KeySmart iPro has a battery life of up to 30 days. You can see the battery level in the Find My app and easily recharge with the included charge cable.

KeySmart iPro

Find Your Keys Before You Even Know They're Lost

Use the Apple Find My app to ring your lots keys or find them on a map.

Left Behind Notifications

Get a notification on your iPhone, Airpods and CarPlay if you accidentally leave your keys behind.

Play A Sound

If your keys are hiding around the house, a very loud sound quickly helps you find them.

Locate Your Keys

If your keys are hiding around the house, a very loud sound quickly helps you find them.

Lost Your KeySmart? Don't Sweat It.

Hundreds of millions of Apple devices can help you find your missing keys.


Holds up to 14 Keys


Up to 85db


Lasts up to 30 days

Package Includes

KeySmart iPro with LED Flashlight, Bottle Opener with Car Fob Loop, USB-A to Micro-USB Charge Cord, & Setup Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

KeySmart iPro works exclusively with the Find My app. KeySmart Pro works with the Tile app. Both can help you find your keys, but the KeySmart iPro will proactively notify you whenever you leave your keys behind, making you know about it before you realize you’re missing them. Also, since it works natively with Apple, it doesn’t require any third party software.

The Apple Find My app is a native app on Apple devices. To use the Apple Find My app to locate KeySmart iPro, the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS is recommended.

The unique Bluetooth identifiers used to locate a device on the Find My network rotate frequently so users can’t be tracked from place to place, and the Apple Find My network uses advanced encryption to ensure that no one else, not even Apple or KeySmart, can view the location of your KeySmart iPro.

If your iPhone detects that an unknown KeySmart iPro is traveling with you, it will send you a notification. After a while it will start playing a sound so you will be able to find it. These alerts are only triggered when KeySmart iPro is not connected to its owner's phone, so your partner's KeySmart iPro will not trigger a sound if they are with you.

Apple Find My network is a crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use secure Bluetooth technology to detect your missing items nearby and report their approximate location back to you, so you can find them easily. The entire interaction is end-to-end encrypted, anonymous, and is extremely data and battery-efficient.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Goolsbee
Works as advertised, but many missing details

I wanted to love this, but ultimately it is not for me and will be returning it.

I realized this product would have to be bigger than the KeySmart Classic I have been using, but it is much bigger than expected, even bigger than the KeySmart Original. At the time of writing this review, the dimensions are not available on the product page. You might think you could look at the KeySmart Pro with Tile page to get the dimensions, but the measurements there are completely wrong (0.64mm deep for example???).

Here are measurements I took:
length: 93.67mm
length, with bottle opener hook: 99.43mm
width: 19.45mm
depth with 2 sets of keys: 14.15mm
weight, with no bottle opener and no keys: 18g
weight, with bottle opener and no keys: 25g

-Holds keys.
-Easy setup with Find My.

-Both front and backplate are plastic. I realize at least some plastic is need for the antenna, but it feels cheap and does not inspire confidence.
-Screw posts stick out the other side of the backplate when configured with 2 sets of keys.
-One handed operation is nearly impossible. Keys can be completely covered by the plates.
-Flashlight button is hard to find in the dark, you can hardly feel it.
-Double clicking the flashlight button turns on the flashlight for 10 seconds, but there is no way to turn it off in that time, you must wait.
-Sloppy Find My implementation: model name has a typo (ipro vs iPro) and the serial number is not displayed.
-Speaker does not seem as loud as an AirTag speaker.
-Micro USB in 2022 is disappointing. USB-C is preferred.
-Does not have the Precision Finding feature that AirTags have that let you scan the room for the item (Although to my knowledge, all 3rd party Find My devices don't have access to this feature, but it is important to call out).

Solid product

I really like that this new KeySmart is integrated with the Find My app on my Apple devices. I have been using KeySmart products for a long time and have been using the KeySmart Pro for multiple sets of keys since it came out. I still use it for some of those keys, but I like that the KeySmart iPro can just be added to the Find My app instead of installing another app. Both Tile and Find My are intuitive apps to use, I just like having everything in one place.

Why bother leaving 1-star if you don’t even own one?

Leaving 5-stars because I actually own the original one and it worked perfectly with my Tile app. One of the most useful EDC items I own. Now that there will be AirTag functionality, I’m definitely getting another. Integration into Apple’s environment, will only double this device’s functionality.
And to the user that’s criticizing for not having a USB-C… you do realize the iPhone utilizes proprietary Lightning cables right? Or do you have an android, for which this device wouldn’t really apply to you and you just want to troll with random 1-star reviews with no context… later hater…