KeySmart Bright 8
$29.99 USD

Kleiner als eine Packung Kaugummis

(inklusive Sprengring um Ihre Autoschlüssel anzuhängen)

KeySmart™ Bright
(+$9.99 USD)
Nano Pen
(+$13.99 USD)
Nano Pen
(+$4.98 USD)
Pocket Clip
Quick Disconnect
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Quick Disconnect
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16GB USB 3.0
(+$25.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB
16GB USB 3.0
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Accessories - +USB
16GB USB 3.0
(+$70.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB
16GB USB 3.0
(+$99.00 USD)
Accessories - +USB

Haben Sie Schwierigkeiten Schlüsselloch in einem dunklen Gang zu finden? KeySmart Bright emöglicht Ihnen schnellen Zugang zu LED Lampe damit Sie schnell Ihre Schlüssel im Dunkel nutzen können! Das universale Design passt zu Ihrer vorhandenen Schlüssel und der Sprengring ermöglicht Ihnen Ihre Autoschlüssel anzuhängen. Schneller Zusammenbau ohne Werkzeuge.

  • LED Lampe beleuchtet die dunklen Gänge, damit Sie Schlüsselloch finden können

  • Macht Ihre Schlüssel kompakt, leise und komfortabel und dadurch schützt Ihre Taschen

  • Hält bis zu 10 Schlüssel

  • Inklusive Spengring um Ihre Autoschlüssel anzuhängen

+ Eigenschaften
- Kompakte Größe kleiner als eine Packung Kaugummis
- Einfacher Zusammenbau, keine Werzeuge nötig
- Kompatibel mit einer Vielfalt der nützlichen Zubehörteile
+ Die Werkstoffe
- Taschenlampe Schild: Bruchsicheres & kratzfestes Polycarbonat Kunststoff
- Hinterseite: Aircraft aluminum
- Rostfreier Stahl-Hardware
- Lasegraviertes Logo
- Polierter Sprengring für Autoschlüsselanhäger
+ Häufigst gestellte Fragen
Frage: Wie lange dauert der Akku am KeySmart Bright?
Antwort: KeySmart Bright um ein Jahr dauern.
Fragen: Sind meine Schlüssel passend?
Antwort: Zum KeySmart Bright passen alle flache Schlüssel bis zu 2.5"

Frage: Nimmt der Sprengring einen Schlüsselplatz im KeySmart?
Answer: Ja, der Sprengring zählt als 1 Schlüssel bei dem Zusammenbau.

Frage: Liefern Sie ins Ausland?
Answer: Ja, sicher. Bis jetzt haben wir mit Erfolg nach mehr als 122 Länder geliefert!

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Gerald M.
United States

What It Could Have Been

I was excited when I received myKeySmart Briight only to discover it was not. What I received did not have the LED light so I immediately sent an email. I’m still waiting for a response. I called and have not heared back. I love the idea but the customer service leaves a little to be desired. I wonder what could have been it I had received the correct product or a response?

Joseph H.
United States

Vast Improvement

I used the original KeySmart for several years and mostly liked it. It was great to have my keys not jingling all the time and making a large, bulky mess in my pocket, but it was also really bad about the screws loosening over time (and not much, sometimes from the morning to the end of the day), leading to it all just coming apart in my pocket multiple times. I got this new (new to me, anyway) KeySmart Bright because I heard it was better about staying together and I liked the idea of having a flashlight on my keychain. This has been an exponential improvement over the original, and I have been thrilled. It's a little more difficult to assemble with keys (the thicker body of the side with the flashlight makes it harder to line everything up), but it wasn't too bad, and once everything is together it has all stayed locked tight as a charm. Wherever I set the screws is where they stay, and I have had no issue whatsoever. Very pleased with this great product!


I like it but cant love it

As I was a happy user with the first generation of keysmart after some years of using it I got tired a bit. Tried to search for something different but after browsing the net for a while I have found the keysmart bright. At first I have written to the customer service if the size is same as the old model, they said yes, (its not) I really liked the flashlight option which was the cause I have bought it. After the unboxing I got quickly dissappointed... the size is not the same, the build quality is cheap and you can feel that its a few dollar thing.... Okay, so lets put that to side and focus on the main thing itself, the flashlight. I cant describe how unhappy I was afer finding out that the flashlight is not bright enought. And of course I wasnt trying it in the sun... Its just not enought powerful I would say.... BUT the most important is that after writing to the customer service they said that its okay and it works properly. Thank you keysmart, I wont buy from you again :)

Joel D.
United States

Great key holder

Great! Excellent product

Samantha P.
United States


I always carry spare house keys in my purse just in case I'm not driving and don't have my main car keys set with me. It fits perfectly into my purse without any jingling and takes up less space since it has a light built in. I used to carry a separate mini flashlight and now I don't have to!

Carlos G.

Not arrived yet

Hello, the ítem has not arrived yet. Do you have another tracking number for the mx post office? Regards.